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Memory & Mind Science Workshop for Kids

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Wisdom Anchored Values Education (WAVE) framework

Wisdom Pearls

  • Scientifically proven life principle and laws of nature.
  • A technique to practice the scientific fact.
  • Leading to an experiential understanding.

Super Learning Methods

  • Understanding right and left brain.
  • Conscious and sub-conscious mind.
  • Memory and mind science techniques for learning.

Hands-on Creativity & Innovation

  • Hands-on problem solving.
  • Outcome focused learning.
  • Collaborative team approach to solutions.
  • Diversity of thoughts and ideas.

The WAVE Book

The WAVE Book

What Participants Say

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Practice/Technique to adopt the wisdom principle

Observe your emotions arising as a response to thoughts, events, people, environment, senses. Keep a log of emotions as positive or negative.

Experiential understanding

The more you dwell in positive emotion the more positive & happy you become. The more you dwell in negative emotion the more negative & grumpy you become.

How is WAVE Global different?

The techniques to teach memory and mind science are available freely all over the internet. You can go to YouTube, or specialized websites or hundreds of other such resources. We are actually using similar techniques to teach the children those methods in our workshops. But here is the differentiator that sets us apart from everyone that is trying to do this around the world.

We use memory and mind science methods and techniques only as an enabler to instill a sense of confidence and optimism in children that they can learn anything in the world with ease. Now they don’t have to be scared or stressed anymore about learning. So, the techniques by themselves are not the results, but the sense of confidence in their heart about their ability to learn anything is the real reward.

Secondly, through the things they learn with WAVE about the thought rules and how law of nature works, how the mind works, how things manifest in life - children now feel the sense of hope in their heart that they can now create their own blueprint of life and work towards it with a clear path and guidance.

So, through memory and mind science, mindfulness, thinking skills, wisdom and value education principles, children not only learn the techniques that will help them to achieve academic excellence, but more importantly, they experience and instill the qualities such as confidence, hope, love, peace, courage and creation.

These are the qualities that ultimately help children realize their true potential and that is the mission and vision of WAVE Global.