WAVE Global is a social enterprise with a mission to help children unleash their full potential and awaken the magical genius in them.  

WAVE learning framework is a result of over 20 years of tested methods and convictions about optimal learning systems. The framework aims at addressing gaps in our current learning by enabling Accelerated Learning through super learning methods, Optimal Learning through mindfulness and Experiential Learning through thinking skills. WAVE Framework enables outcome focused learning system, replacing the current input-based learning system. The long-term goal of WAVE Global is to become an enabler for producing highly skilled human resources, better workplace productivity, better health, and a conscious and evolved society


Mr. Mohan Naidu has been practicing WAVE framework methods since inception of his academic and professional career spanning over 20 years in many continents, most of which is in North America. He has been a successful Management Consultant and served in leadership roles in corporate North America. After a very successful career, he followed his heart's calling to now help children across all age groups, especially youth to learn and apply these unconventional but tested learning methods for academic and professional success. As an adjunct professor in Oklahoma City University, and as a professional trainer and teacher, he has been successfully implementing WAVE framework in schools, colleges and corporations for past several years.

The long-term goal of WAVE Global is to integrate WAVE framework into academics such that learning becomes a joyful experience and creates a platform for outcome focused learning.  After living and working in Chicago, Portland and Oklahoma City in the US for 12 years, Mohan moved to India in summer of 2016 with his wife, 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter to implement WAVE framework in schools in India. He successfully implemented the framework in two schools in India in 2016 and is bringing it now to other parts of the world. His vision is to make this unique holistic learning system accessible to all learners in the world, especially the less privileged that do not have access to quality education.



We expect our children, youth, employees and members of society to exhibit qualities of active listening, positivity, leadership, fairness, compassion, respect, sharing, inclusiveness, trust, Innovation, responsibility, moral courage, open communication etc.  However, the reality is far from expectations due to lack of alignment between what we expect and what we see as an outcome. Education systems around the world are designed to work as an input-based learning system. If we expect our future generations to exhibit the qualities described above, we need to shift to an outcome focused learning system.

Children are taught the basic academics of reading, writing, science, math, social studies, history etc. using a very linear, unconventional method. While these are critical elements of education, we are missing out on teaching them the art of learning through alternate learning methods using power of our right brain, subconscious mind and many powerful memory and mind science techniques. which would not only accelerate the learning but also improve the depth/quality of learning. Children around the world are taught STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) principles, but there is limited application of those principles in real life. They seldom experience the actual workings of the science they learn at school. They are missing out on translating their learning into creative application and innovation using limited resources.

We engage with children through quarterly workshops & weekly follow-up sessions between workshops throughout the year in different parts of the world. Please check our workshop link for details. The workshop focuses of following areas.

  1. Accelerated Learning Through Memory & Mind Science Principles
  2. Optimal Learning through Mindfulness and Meditation
  3. Experiential Learning for true understanding
  4. Thinking Skills for clarity, creativity and effective decision making
  5. Congruent Communication: Feeling, thinking, speech & action are aligned
  6. Success habits for effectiveness in academics, profession and social relationships


  1. Shift from A Feeling of Stress to Joyful Learning Experience
    Children learn simple, yet very powerful memory & mind science techniques that gives them high level of confidence that they can learn anything in the world with ease. Learning becomes a joyful experience. They learn how to learn i.e., the art of learning.

  2. Shift from Constant Chatter of Mind to High Levels of Attention & Awareness
    Children learn short & simple but powerful daily meditations that help them control their thoughts and be in the present moment, making them feel in control over their mind. This ability improves their focus & concentration. They learn how to mind their mind and have an optimal learning experience.

  3. Shift from Feeling of Confusion to a Feeling of Confidence and Clarity
    Children learn the art & science of Critical thinking that will give them a sense of clarity and confidence about assessing the information and make clear, informed conclusions and decisions. Their analytical thinking capabilities will also improve. In short, they learn the science of thinking.

  4. Shift from Not Being Able to Express Clearly to Expert Communicator
    Children learn simple but very practical and powerful techniques that help with effective communication. They learn public speaking rules, creative writing techniques and the secrets of overcoming stage fear. In short, they learn how to speak from heart to reach people's heart.

  5. Shift from Ignorance About How Life Works to Understanding the Laws of Nature
    Children learn the principles of life and laws of nature that will give them a clear perspective about how life works. These simple but very profound wisdom principles will transform the way they would look at life. They will begin to experience a more clear, peaceful, stress free, confident approach to everything in their life, including their academics and relationships. They will experientially understand the value and importance of qualities such as integrity, fairness, courtesy, compassion, collaboration, clarity, confidence etc. because they will understand the underlying laws of nature that govern all this. In short, they will begin to live life the way life wants to live through them.



We strongly believe that teaching is the most noble profession in the world and teachers are most influential individuals that can help shape future generations.

Empower teachers with skills and capabilities that help them move up from being a good teacher to a great teacher enabling children to experience qualities such as Creativity, Confidence, Courage, Happiness, Love, Peace, Discipline/ Responsibility.

The content of this training is universal in nature, in terms of its need and relevance. Therefore, it can be offered to elementary, middle, high school and college teachers across the world. Teacher training workshops equip teachers with following effective teaching principles and practices / techniques / teaching methods.

  1. Teaching and learning should be a joyful experience.
  2. Meet the child where he or she is. Every child is unique
  3. Uphold positive self-image of the child under all circumstances.
  4. Seek to understand first i.e. Empathy
  5. Shape understanding and habits through mindfulness.
  6. Teach for mastery, not just for grades.
  7. Focus on imparting/enabling Thinking Skills.

Below is an example of an integrated, outcome focused teaching approach.



Teaching and Learning should be a joyful experience.

  • Out of box within the box
  • Don’t go by the lesson plan
  • Make it relevant
  • ‘Ask’ Versus ‘Tell’ method
  • 4 MAT teaching method
  • Adapt methods that suit all learning styles
    (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic)
  • Teaching and learning out in nature instead of a boxed in structure
  • Memory & mind science-based techniques.



  1. Non-intrusive:
  2. Content of WAVE framework will be delivered in classroom by existing teachers that are trained by WAVE coaches thus relying on the existing teacher student relationship. This ensures no disruption to current school curriculum / set methods minimizing change management hurdles.

  3. Flexibility & Continuous improvement:
  4. The fluid and flexible approach in deploying to a small, controlled group through teachers presents opportunities to improve content/approach based on interim results. It is relatively easier to make improvements on the go without the bureaucracy of approvals.

  5. Customizable for the right demographics
  6. The nature of content is Universal and Permanent and therefore, can be easily customized to fit the needs of different regions, culture, beliefs and other diverse aspects of our ever-evolving world.

  7. Technology enabled
  8. The content will be offered through a combination of brick and mortar and digital technology platforms and social media methods of outreach.

  9. Learning design
  10. The experiential understanding of wisdom principles and super learning methods leave a life- long impact and open opportunities for application in practically every aspect of life.

  11. Low barrier to entry
  12. Since the school infrastructure and other necessary resources already exists, early successful engagement will be relatively easier due to fewer additional logistics required to deploy this on a large scale.


Learning the art of learning, minding the mind and learning the science of thinking are some of the essential skills necessary for the fast-changing future. The four critical powers that enable this learning includes:

  1. Understanding and harnessing the powers of human brain
  2. Understanding how the mind works
  3. Experiencing how the heart feels and responds
  4. Effective Communication.
The future belongs to those that have a balance between intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional quotient (EQ), and Mindfulness Quotient (MQ).


"I have poor memory” is an incorrect statement. People have a poor recall and they mistake it as poor memory. Human brain is wired to store every piece of information that enters it as early as an 8 weeks old fetus. If the information that goes in is received with awareness, it improves the process of absorption, retention and recall many times better. Harnessing the brain power will make you a better student, better professional and a better individual since you will be able to recall, at will, things that matter at school, work, in social settings or at home. You will experientially understand the fundamental truth about memory, which is, "The more you remember, the more you can remember. " You will understand the qualities of right and left brain, different levels at which the human brain operates, different states of mind, the triggers of right brain. You learn memory and mind science techniques that will last with you as a life-long skill and help you excel in your academic and professional life.


Human mind is one of the most powerful tool ever created because it has the ability to create a world of its own based on its beliefs and convictions. Your world is different than others because of the unique programming of your mind. Human beings are the only species that have a mind of their own and are capable of creativity, innovation, exploration, discovery and inventions. While it has great power to create beautiful things, it also has the potential to create stress, anxiety and other undesirable things. Learning to train the mind could be one of the greatest skill you could learn and unleash the unlimited potential in you. Becoming more mindful of what you say, what you hear, how you eat, your thoughts and feelings will increase your awareness and overall well-being. Accessing the Alpha state of mind will enable you to be in control of what goes into your subconscious mind.


Heart is the epicenter of everything that happens in our life. It all starts with a feeling (Emotion) which turns into thoughts, that turn into words and then actions. Becoming aware of your feelings will enable you to have control over what kind of actions will manifest when feelings are translated to thoughts and words. What arises from heart is the purest form of thoughts and that is why it is generally said, "follow your heart" because it is not adulterated by the mind's chatter or the conscious filter as itis known in the scientific circles. Operating from heart will lead to cordial relationships at work, with friends and at home. Congruence between feelings, thoughts, words and actions leads us to integrity. Consciously operating from heart by following laws of nature will enable a peaceful, joyous and prosperous life.


The world could have witnessed greater creativity, and innovation if all ideas that people had in their heads could have been expressed clearly, without fear. Effective communication is one of the most fundamental skills that has been most rewarded and remembered for centuries and will continue to gain the importance of a being a foundation skill for success. People remember great orators for centuries, long after they are gone because they immortalize themselves through their effective communication. "Fear nothing but fear itself " or "Ask not what your country can do for, but what you can do for your country" etc. are the eloquently expressed thoughts that have immortalized leaders like FDR & JFK respectively.

The powerful combination of understanding and using the powers of Human Brain, Mind, Heart and Effective Communication will enable a holistic perspective and help you program yourself for sustainable success.