Wisdom Anchored Values Education (WAVE) framework

  1. Society and businesses around the world will get highly skilled human resources that are well- rounded individuals capable of learning fast and quickly delivering results. Alignment between needs of society/workplace and careers that students chose will ensure optimal investment of time and resources in learning skills that best fits their core skills, minimizing or eliminating unnecessary college loan debts and the social burden on government and society.
  2. Workplace productivity will be high as there will be less judgement, insecurity, fear and mistrust among workforce owing to their knowledge of the qualities of consciousness taught in the WAVE framework.
  3. People would be more self-empowered and less fearful and competitive, leading to harmony.
  4. Improvement in Health due to our immune systems getting stronger from less stress and fear.
  5. Priorities would change since people would no longer be driven by greed - another facet of fear.
  6. Children would grow up being stronger, healthier and more trusting. They would live on a planet that naturally supports this way of life rather than a place that's hostile to it. The importance of cleanliness, and respect for environment will be better understood We will become a more environment aware society, preventing billions in correcting the ill effects of pollution and other human activity that brings harm to the environment.
  7. Gradual Reduction in crime rates due to the understanding and experience of oneness in all.