Dallas/Frisco, TX

Ved (14 years)
June, 2017
Meenal (15 years)
June, 2017

Both our kids loved the workshop...they are excited and eager to attempt more than even the exercises given by teachers in workshop...their confidence level went way up as they were able to scale up their memory power multi fold.... we saw the magical results where kids demonstrated their true potential at the last day of workshop itself... totally impressed!!
We as parents always invest so much efforts & money by enrolling kids in extra classes, online courses & what not to ensure they learn the concepts & skills required to stay up or rather ahead of curve in this competitive world, but still worried that how much kids will retain to cross the finish line with colors.... Why?
Simple reason...the conventional education system focus on teaching concept or subject in theory perfectly but never laid down the framework of "how to learn efficiently" to store and retrieve information faster at the time it is required... irrespective of timeframe - immediate or later after days or months!
That is precisely Wave workshop is teaching the kids...all the tips and techniques on how to process, store & retrieve information in fast, stressfree & funfilled way... exactly the way our mind naturally process, registers & recalls tons of information our eyes & mind go through in a day! For us as parents this is massive & the best gift we can give them to shape them up as a better individual.

Kudos to Wave Global team for imparting these workshops and share these must have skills !!

--Thanks Upma & Jaipal (Parents of 15 & 10 years)
June, 2017

Ishaan (13 years)
June, 2017
Jai (12 years)
June, 2017
Vedika (10 years)
June, 2017

WAVE is one of the unique programs that I have seen and experienced by looking at my own kids and many other kids at the workshop.
It helps kids learn their subjects in a stress-free environment. This is one program that helps all age groups.
Based on my little understanding of the program and techniques I can see endless applications of these tools and techniques.
There is only one word I can say about Mr. Mohan, amazing.

-- Parents of (14 & 10 years)
June, 2017

I have been through many programs with similar purposes, but never experienced something as truly amazing as this.
This is not just a 4 day workshop or class that you attend, somehow it changes your approach and mindset towards daily activities.
It doesn't teach you how to do math or the periodic table of elements, but it teaches you strategies that if you apply, you really can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.
Mr.Mohan always says that we, as students, are magical, but I believe the only way to nurture that magic is attending WAVE, which really is magical.

--Vinya (14 years)
June, 2017

Samy (14 years)
June, 2017
Tarun (13 years)
June, 2017

The WAVE-Global program has benefited me in many ways as I have learned numerous techniques that I will be able to apply for the rest of my life. The daily exercises and interactive activities demonstrated the capabilities that I did not know I had. I was especially astonished when I was able to recall a substantial amount of information that was presented to me just five minutes prior. These invaluable lessons taught me how to organize and learn information in an efficient way. Thank you to Mr.Naidu and the assistant coaches for organizing this amazing program.

--Ishika (16 years)
June, 2017