Learning the art of learning, minding the mind and thinking how to think are going to be the most essential skills necessary for the fast-changing future. The four critical powers that enable this kind of learning includes Powers of Human Brain, Mind & Heart and Effective Communication. The future belongs to those that have a balance between intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional quotient (EQ), and Mindfulness Quotient (MQ).

Tapping Into The Hidden Power of Human Brain

The most incorrect statement used by people around the world is, "I have poor memory. "The correct statement, until you harness the power of your brain could be, "I have a poor recall. Human brain is wired to store every piece of information that goes into it since its development in a 8 week old fetus. If the information that goes in is received with awareness, it improves the process of absorption, retention and recall 10 times better. Harnessing the brain power will make you a better student, better professional and a better individual since you will be able to recall, at will, things that matter at school, work, in social settings or at home. You will experientially understand the fundamental truth about memory, which is, "The more you remember, the more you can remember. " You will understand the qualities of right and left brain, different levels at which our brain operates, different states of mind, what triggers right brain and learn some lasting memory techniques that will help you excel in your academics and professional life.

Understanding Human Mind

Human mind is themost powerful tool ever created because it has the capability to create a world of its own. Every individual in the world creates a world of their own based on their beliefs and convictions. Your world is different than anybody else's in the world because of the unique programming of your mind. Human beings are the only species that have a mind of their own and are capable of creativity, innovation, exploration, discovery and inventions. While it has the greatest powers to create beautiful things, it also has the potential to create stress, anxiety and other undesirable things. Learning to train the mind could be the greatest learning one could have. Harnessing the mind power will help unleash the unlimited potential each of us have within us. Becoming more mindful of what we say, what we hear, how we eat, our thoughts and feelings will increase our awareness and overall well-being. Accessing the Alpha state of mind will enable us to be in control of what goes into our subconscious mind.

Harnessing The Power of Feelings and Emotions

Heart is the epicentre ofeverything that happens in ourlife. It all starts with a feeling(Emotion) which turns intothoughts, which turns into wordsand then actions. Becomingawareof our feelings will enableus to have control over what kindof actions will manifest whenfeelings are translated to thoughtsand words. What arises from heartis the purest form of thoughts andthat is why it is generally said,"follow your heart" because it isnot adulterated by the mind'schatter or the conscious filter as itis known in the scientific circles.Operating from heart will lead tocordial relationships at work, with friends and at home. Congruence between feelings, thoughts, wordsand actions leads us to integrity. Consciously operating from heartby following laws of nature willenable a peaceful, joyous and prosperous life.

Unleashing The Power of Effective Communication

The world could have witnessedgreater creativity, and innovation ifall ideas that people had in their heads could have been expressed clearly, without fear. Effective communication is one of the most fundamental skills that has been most rewarded and remembered for centuries and will continue togain the importance of a being a foundation skill for success. People remember great orators for centuries, long after they are gone because they immortalize themselves through their effective communication. "Fear nothing but fear itself " or "Ask not what your country can do for, but what youcan do for your country" etc. are the eloquently expressed thoughts that have immortalized leaders like FDR & JFK respectively.

The powerful combination of understanding and using the powers of Human Brain, Mind & Heart and Effective Communication will enable a holistic perspective and help you program yourself for success.