Wisdom Anchored Values Education (WAVE) framework


  1. WAVE Global is a social enterprise with a mission to enable outcome focused learning system, replacing the current input based learning system
  2. WAVE learning framework is a result of over 20 years of tested methods and convictions about optimal learning systems. The framework aims at addressing gaps in our current learning by enabling Accelerated Learning through super learning methods, Optimal Learning through mindfulness and Experiential Learning through thinking skills
  3. When information is absorbed and retained at an accelerated rate using super learning methods, much of the time that was otherwise spent in rote memorisation becomes available for comprehension and contemplation, improving quality of learning
  4. When we are mindful of our thoughts and learn to control our meandering mind filled with random flow of thoughts, we become increasingly aware of the space between thoughts that enables an optimal learning environment without loss of attention for relatively longer durations. This optimal learning environment helps absorb, retain and recall pertinent information at will
  5. When we evaluate claims and challenge assumptions made in everyday situations at work, in society and other places of interaction, we learn to be critical, analytical, creative and objective in our thinking. The quality of our thinking directly affects where we apply it. This ability to master the thinking skills will enable greater confidence and clarity
  6. The long term goal of WAVE Global is to become an enabler for producing highly skilled human resources, better workplace productivity, better health, and a conscious and evolved society
  7. FOUNDER WAVE Mr. Mohan Naidu has been practicing WAVE framework methods since inception of his academic and professional career spanning over 20 years and three continents, most of which is in North America. He has been a successful Management Consultant and served in leadership roles in corporate North America. After a very successful career of 20 years, he followed his heart's calling to now help students across all age groups, especially children to learn and apply these unconventional but tested learning methods for academic and professional success
  8. As an adjunct professor in OCU, Oklahoma City and as a professional trainer and teacher, he has been successfully implementing WAVE framework in schools, colleges and corporations for past several years
  9. The long term goal of WAVE Global is to integrate WAVE framework into academics such that learning becomes a joyful experience and creates a platform for outcome focused learning
  10. After living and working in Chicago, Portland and Oklahoma City for past 12 years, Mohan moved to India in summer of 2016 with his wife, 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter to implement WAVE framework in schools in India. He successfully implemented the framework in two schools in India this past year and is bringing it now to other parts of the world. His vision is to make this unique learning system accessible to all learners in the world, especially the less privileged that do not have access to education
  11. We expect our children, college graduates, employees and members of society to believe in and exhibit qualities of active listening, positivity, leadership, fairness, compassion, respect, sharing, inclusivity, trust, Innovation, responsibility, moral courage, and open communication. However, the reality is far from our expectations and the root cause of this is the lack of alignment between what we expect and what we see is due to our approach to early education. The education system around the world is designed to work as an input based learning system. If we expect our future generations to exhibit the qualities described above, we need to shift to an outcome focused learning system.
  12. Children are taught the basic academics of reading, writing, science, math, social studies, history etc. using a very linear, unconventional method. While these are critical elements of education, we are missing out on teaching them the art of learning through alternate learning methods using power of our right brain, subconscious mind and many powerful memory and mind science techniques. which would not only accelerate the learning but also improve the depth/quality of learning.
  13. Children around the world are taught STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) principles, but there is limited application of those principles in real life. They seldom experience the actual workings of the science they learn at school. They are missing out on translating their learning into creative application and innovation using limited resources.