Wisdom Anchored Values Education (WAVE) framework


Content of WAVE framework will be delivered in classroom by existing teachers that are trained by WAVE coaches thus relying on the teacher student relationship. This ensures no disruption to current school curriculum / set methods minimizing change management hurdles

Flexibility & Continuous improvement

The fluid and flexible approach in deploying to a small, controlled group through teachers presents opportunities to improve content/approach based on interim results. It is relatively easier to make improvements on the go without the bureaucracy of approvals.

Customizable for the right demographics

The nature of content is Universal and Permanent and therefore, can be easily customized to fit the needs of different regions, culture, beliefs and other diverse aspects of our ever evolving world.

Technology enabled

The content will be offered through a combination of brick and mortar and digital technology platforms and social media methods of outreach.

Learning design

The experiential understanding of wisdom principles and super learning methods leave a life long impact and open opportunities for application in practically every aspect or life.

Low barrier to entry

Since the school infrastructure already exists, starting this would require relatively fewer logistics to deploy this on a large scale.