WAVE Global LLC’s unique Memory & Mind Science workshop in the city of Frisco, TX was attended by approximately 70 students ranging from Elementary to High School studentsin the Summer of 2017. Every participant experienced incredible value of this workshop. Parents and students shared how this workshop has given them a new skill &capability to continuously excel in academics and beyond.

According to Mayor Jeff Cheney, “In the city of Frisco, education is very important. The ceiling of the community is set by the quality of its schools. WAVE is doing extraordinary work through their framework in raising the ceiling of the community by improving the quality of education system. I am very impressed by what I saw today at the Workshop.”

Mayor Jeff Cheney committed his support to WAVE Global to implement these learning methods in his city school districts and other educational institutions.

Jeff Cheney, the mayor of Frisco, Texas and Ms. Sharada Singireddy, a very prominent Indian American community leader in Frisco and overall Dallas region were the guests of honor at the graduation ceremony. They witnessed the transformation and power of WAVE framework, that participants demonstrated in only 4 days of attending the workshop.

Community leader, Sharada Singireddy expressed her appreciation and a long-term commitment to collaborate with WAVE Global LLC when she said, “WAVE is revolutionizing the way we look at education and every school, every family and every community across the country should implement WAVE framework as the gold standard for education.”

As a leader of the large Indian America community on Frisco, I commit my full support on behalf of the community leaders to deploy this great program in more and more of our schools and community learning centers.

San Francisco Bay Area

Ro Khanna, the United States Congressman from 17th district of California appreciated efforts of WAVE Global LLC’s work to bring about a revolutionary shift in the way education is imparted around the world. The congressman applauded WAVE Global LLC’s efforts to improve the quality of learning by combining wisdom and values education along with academics, that will transform the youth and society in general. Local community leaders from the San Francisco /Bay area and senior Rotary club members that attended the graduation ceremony saw the mesmerizing results demonstrated by children that attended the workshop. They have committed their long-term support to take WAVE philosophy and framework across the state, nation and eventually to the world.


After a very successful workshop at Atlanta, WAVE Global Founder explains the mission and vision of why WAVE was formed. The interview highlights following facts, which drove conception of WAVE Global in the middle of year 2016.

Every child in the world has inherent potential to achieve highest greatness. As parents, teachers and community leaders, we need to build platforms, offers resources and give time & space to our children for them to help unleash their true potential.

WAVE Workshop operates with three fundamental principles, with Wisdom and Values Education as its bedrock -

  • Learn to learn i.e. how to learn the art of learning that can be applied to any topic in the world.
  • Mind the mind i.e. how to control the mind’s wandering nature and get it to stay focused.
  • Think to think i.e. how to apply critical, creative, analytical, lateral, out-of-box thinking for decision making with clarity.

These three fundamental principles of WAVE help children experientially understand the qualities such as confidence, love, peace, courage and creation (creativity & innovation).

A community stands strong on the foundation of happy learners, joyful teachers, clearly guided parenting and leadership that is committed to an impersonal vision of helping a community grow. When all four areas are addressed, we see a highly evolved society.

WAVE works on all four areas through Workshops for children, teachers training programs and FREE workshops & retreats for general population to help improve the understanding and clarity of topics like parenting & conscious living.

In short, WAVE Global's mission is to help realise the highest potential of every child and facilitate the process of creating a highly evolved society.

Memory & Mind Science Workshop

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Ripples of Revolution Created by WAVE Global LLC in Atlanta (Suwanee), GA. One of the fastest growing counties in the United States of America experienced something much BIGGER this week.

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