Pune, India

Parent testimonials

Wave workshop is really new and creative! When i heard of it i was a bit skeptical. I was not sure if children would understand everything that would be taught in the workshop but my all doubts were cleared when i saw my child on stage, speaking bravely with confidence. I feel stress free and confident as my son is applying the techniques which he learnt and enjoying and taking interest in his studies. We sincerely thank Wave worskhop. Our son Nipun is eagerly waiting for the next session.

-- Sheetal (Parent of 9 year old)

Mohan Sir, I want to Thank you and WAVE team again for your dedication. Today children not only need a teacher but a mentor, guide and counselor like you in order for them to excel and reach greater heights! All the best and we are waiting for the next level here.

--Snehal, (Parent of 15 years old)

Dear Sir, I was wonderstruck to see how the WAVE workshop techniques can bring about a huge change and confidence! It surely was a workshop that I would recommend every child to attend! The sooner they attend the better! I will encourage and spread the word to other parents and children so that it will benefit them and bring about a huge transformation.

--Atul (Parent of 14 year old)

Student testimonial
I am writing this email to thank Coach Mohan for teaching me his super learning methods which have helped me a lot for my exams. After practicing these techniques for a few days I have gained confidence in myself that I can learn anything in this world without having to mug it up or rote memorise like any normal student does. These techniques were most useful to me for my 10th grade social science board exams in India as we had full portion which seemed almost impossible for me to learn thoroughly. But after using techniques of 100 diamonds and linking, I was able to remember everything through my mind’s eye. Due to these techniques I had a sense of confidence that I will score very well, even before my exam and certainly felt the same way after the exam as well. I wish that every student gets to learn these awesome techniques. After seeing the wonderful effects of these techniques on how it helped me and made studying easier, I wish to learn more. I am looking forward for more WAVE Global workshops.

--Radha Wagh, 10th grader