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History of WAVE Global

WAVE learning framework is a result of over 22 years of tested methods and convictions about optimal learning systems.The framework aims at addressing gaps in our current learning by enabling Accelerated Learning through super learning methods, Optimal Learning through mindfulness and Experiential Learning through thinking skills.

WAVE Framework enables outcome focused learning system, replacing the current input-based learning system. The long-term goal of WAVE Global is to become an enabler for producing highly skilled human resources, better workplace productivity, better health, and a conscious and evolved society.

Mohan Naidu

Mohan’s professional career spans over 22 years around the globe, most of which is in North America. He has been a successful Management Consultant and served in leadership roles in corporate North America. After a successful professional career, he followed his heart's calling and founded WAVE Global in 2016 to enable young minds to learn and apply holistic learning methods for academic and professional success. Click the icon below to learn more about Mohan.


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Dr. Freda is an award-winning educator with more than 4 decades of experience as a veteran teacher in rural, suburban and inner-city schools throughout Oklahoma. Dr. Freda taught at the University of Oklahoma College of education where she was honored with the Career Achievement Award in 2010. She was the founding dean of STEM education at Oklahoma City University before starting ASTEC Charter School, an inner-city public school that serves a highly diverse student body in Oklahoma City where she has served as superintendent and CEO. She is the go- to mentor for all of us at WAVE for improvements and expansion of our program for students and teachers. Click the icon below to learn more about Dr. Freda.

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Dr. Aparna is on our advisory board and offers WAVE team, her deep insights on social entrepreneurship. She is currently Assistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She is responsible to develop and deliver the curriculum for Cultural Entrepreneurship program as well as provide the thought leadership to shape the program. She has worked as an executive in multinational corporations, has led nonprofit and social enterprises. She has extensive Information Technology Management experience and has consulted with clients to improve their business performance through strategic change initiatives. Click the icon below to learn more about Dr. Aparna.

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Nitin has been with WAVE from its inception in 2015 and associated with our founder, Mr. Mohan for over 15 years. He oversees technology platform and operations of WAVE Global in North America. Professionally, he is a highly skilled SME in information technology field, providing business process efficiencies through technology to fortune 500 companies. In his over 20 years of technology management experience, he worked for world class top 50 companies around the globe. He has also served in leadership roles for several Not-for-Profit organizations in India and North America. Click the icon below to learn more about Nitin.

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Gary was born in Punjab, India and immigrated to the United States at the age of 15. He graduated from University of Pacific and with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 1977. His career in pharmacy spans over 40 years with ownership of several independent pharmacies in California and one in Oregon. He pioneered immunizations at the pharmacy and offered innovative services in Compounding, Long Term Care and Durable Medical Equipment. Gary and his wife Jean raised 3 children in Fremont, 2 of whom are working in the family business. He has 5 grand children that he dotes on.


Children learn simple, yet very powerful memory & mind science techniques that gives them high level of confidence that they can learn anything in the world with ease. Learning becomes a joyful experience. They learn how to learn i.e., the art of learning.

Children learn short & simple but powerful daily meditations that help them control their thoughts and be in the present moment, making them feel in control over their mind. This ability improves their focus & concentration. They learn how to mind their mind and have an optimal learning experience.

Children learn the art & science of Critical thinking that will give them a sense of clarity and confidence about assessing the information and make clear, informed conclusions and decisions. Their analytical thinking capabilities will also improve. In short, they learn the science of thinking.

Children learn simple but very practical and powerful techniques that help with effective communication. They learn public speaking rules, creative writing techniques and the secrets of overcoming stage fear. In short, they learn how to speak from heart to reach people's heart.

Children learn the principles of life and laws of nature that will give them a clear perspective about how life works. These simple but very profound wisdom principles will transform the way they would look at life. They will begin to experience a more clear, peaceful, stress free, confident approach to everything in their life, including their academics and relationships. They will experientially understand the value and importance of qualities such as integrity, fairness, courtesy, compassion, collaboration, clarity, confidence etc. because they will understand the underlying laws of nature that govern all this. In short, they will begin to live life the way life wants to live through them.


WAVE Global is a social enterprise guided by the mission of helping everyone realize their full potential. We strongly believe every child has equal potential but there are few whose potential is untapped because they do not have access to adequate or the right resources. Over the last few years, we offered FREE educational resources and continue to offer them to children from underprivileged families, resource challenged communities, single parents with limited income etc. that cannot afford our training programs and workshops around the world. We have come to realize about children around the world that it is not who they are that holds them back, but it is the situation they are in that prevents them from realizing their full potential. We do our bit by offering them FREE workshops. If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance for attending the workshop, please email us at