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WAVE Workshop – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Memory & mind science techniques that accelerate learning
  • Creative visualization methods
  • Seven triggers of right brain that makes learning efficient
  • Unique code-based learning method
  • Understand wandering nature of mind and how to control it
  • Powerful hands-on problem-solving principles
  • Simple meditation to improve awareness
  • Five times (5x) faster absorption & recall.
  • Higher level of confidence.
  • Better sense of control over mind.
  • Improved focus and concentration.
  • Understanding of nature’s law.
  • Examples of what students master after attending the workshop.
    1. First 50 elements of periodic table
    2. History Milestone dates
    3. Countries and capitals
    4. Easily learn complex formulas
    5. First 100 digits of PI.
    6. Content 2 to 3 grades higher. (AP-Bio, Physics, Chemistry, History, SAT words etc.)
    7. The infographic below shows results demonstrated by hundreds of our students.

    The content we teach is relevant to students of elementary, middle and high school students. For that reason, the permissible age range for our workshop is 10 to 17 years.

    If the child is 2 or 3 months short of 10 years old, we can consider. Please email us at to discuss before registering.

    Yes. The program is open for anyone involved in academics up to the age of 18. We keep the age 10 to 17 to avoid a wide gap between participants age and background. Please email us at to discuss before registering.

    Like with anything you learn, consistent practice will ensure that the skills and capabilities students acquire in the workshop becomes a life-long capability that they can apply in all aspects of their education.

  • Each student that attends the workshop gets a book written by our Founder and Head Coach. The book serves as a blueprint / roadmap to continue practicing the skills acquired during the workshop and much more.
  • We also offer online follow-up sessions, where students receive regular lessons and assignments to practice and apply the skills to various school topics.
  • Being an A+ student is a great pace to be. It equips them to do a lot more with what they learn. WAVE workshop is not just about improving memory, it is about teaching them the art of learning, training them to mind their mind and teaching the science of thinking. These give them capabilities to do exponentially more in all topics of all subjects in all grades. With WAVE methodology a lot more possibilities open up for A+ students.
  • Along with academic excellence students need to be equally skilled in interpreting and responding to thoughts & emotions through simple meditation methods, imbibe qualities such grit, accountability, moral courage, empathy, gratitude etc. They should be able to effectively organize & express their thoughts. These skills make a student, a holistic person.
  • The infographic below shows results demonstrated by hundreds of our students.

  • Yes, all meditation practices and accelerated learning techniques taught in the workshop are based on principles of Neuro science.
  • Human brain has different parts that are responsible for different functions such as learning, imagination, thoughts and emotions management, controlling reflexes etc. Knowing the methodologies that trigger different parts of the brain is crucial to effectively using our brain.
  • Medical studies have shown that 10 minutes of Alpha meditation (taught in the workshop) for 21 days straight can permanently change for good, the shape and size of Amygdala – part of the brain that manages responses to thoughts and emotions.
  • Human brains are wired to learn through visuals and sensory experiences. That is how information is best absorbed, retained and effectively recalled.
  • Our methodology will be a welcome change for children with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD because it aligns with how human brain is wired to learn. We believe teaching methods should align with the way child feels comfortable to learn. We strongly believe that a child's learning ability cannot be judged based on his or her ability to learn through words/sentences or conventional teaching and learning methods alone.

    Yes, we teach a powerful meditation called Alpha meditation that calms the mind and increases awareness. This in turn improves focus & concentration.

    Yes, we teach effective communication principles, public speaking rules and how to beautifully organize and articulate your thoughts using 6W and other techniques.

    Yes, we teach a technique called NACHO that helps manage stage fear.

    Yes, children in the range of 10 to 17 years enjoy the learning process equally. The methodology allows flexibility of learning and every student, irrespective of age or grade, can learn it in a way that best fits their learning style. It is like watching a movie that a 10-year-old or a 17-year-old can enjoy equally.

    Yes, WAVE methodology is religion agnostic. It is universal in nature. Children from all parts of the world or all ethnicities can learn it with equal effectiveness. It is like medical practice. A medicine that works for one ethnic group or someone from one part of the world works for everyone.

  • This is a common concern shared by parents and even high school students. 90% of students that came to our workshop felt on day 1 that this will be a boring and useless workshop that they are forced to go to by their parents. But right after the first hour of the workshop they start to see the value and by the end of workshop they are filled with gratitude towards their parents for sending them to the workshop. Visit our Facebook page to watch hundreds of testimonials by middle and high school children sharing their candid thoughts about the workshop on day 1 when they first came and then on last day when they completed the workshop.
  • Our unique learning methodology engages every student and keeps them curious and interested every moment throughout the workshop. WAVE methodology is very unique and unconventional and therefore, very engaging. All activities are experiential and very joyful. We strongly believe that learning takes deeper roots when it is joyful.
  • It is true that most information is available on internet. It is also true that internet as a resource is not allowed when taking tests or making a presentation. In those situations, the only capability that will ensure their success is their ability to effectively absorb, retain and easily recall information that is needed.
  • A search engine or smart phone will not be able to articulate students’ thoughts effectively. Students will need to have inherent capabilities to organize and articulate their thoughts in oral and written form.
  • Our unique learning methodology is not confined to a specific subject or a topic. Our methodology teaches them the art of learning, help them mind their mind using simple but powerful meditation, and teach them critical and creative thinking skills that allows them to think clearly.

    Our unique learning methodology is not confined to a specific subject or a topic. The WAVE methodology can be applied to various learning needs in middle, high school, college education and beyond that.

  • After the workshop, students can continue to learn from the WAVE book authored by our Founder and Coach, Mohan Naidu
  • Online follow-up sessions are also offered, where students receive regular lessons and assignments via Google classroom and Quizlet app, to practice and apply the skills to various school topics.
  • Short-term /tangible benefits include –
    o Understanding how brain and mind works
    o Apply learning from workshop to accelerate learning
    o Improve absorption, retention and recall by at least 5 times.
    o Examples of what students master after attending the workshop.
     First 50 elements of periodic table
     History Milestone dates
     World countries and capitals
     Easily learn complex formulas
     First 100 digits of PI.
  • Long-term / intangible benefits, if the students stay engaged with us in the long-term include –
    o Sense of confidence that I can learn anything in the world with ease.
    o Sense of control that I can be aware of my mind’s tantrums and overcome emotional outbursts.
    o Sense of clarity that I can organize, articulate and express my thoughts clearly.
    o Sense of conviction that I know how the laws of nature works, so I can create a blueprint of my life.
    o Sense of compassion that I understand the oneness in all and therefore, I lean more towards love and patience.
    o Sense of courage that I have faith in my abilities and laws of nature so, I feel courageous to take on life’s challenges.
    o Sense of completion that I understand various aspects of human life and therefore, I feel that my understanding is complete.
  • After attending the workshop, students gain the ability to apply the WAVE methodology to various subjects and topics.

    Yes, we offer this training to teachers as well so they can influence thousands of children they teach through school system. See the infographic below that shows feedback from teachers after attending WAVE workshop.

    Yes, thousands of adults have undergone the training. Please check our website for schedule.

    Yes, our online program is 2 hours each day spread over 10 days (Monday to Friday). Please check our website for schedule.

    We welcome your time and skills that align with WAVE mission and vision. Please email us at describing your skills and availability.

    We are delighted to have high school children and welcome them for volunteering. We provide a letter of commendation that the students can use for the purpose they see fit.

    If you can get together a group of 45 to 50 students, we can conduct a three full day workshop. We will provide you the promotion material and marketing support you will need. If you are interested, please email us at